Kathleen Ryan



Kathleen has over 12 years experience working in brand development. Before joining what3words Kathleen worked at Unilever in Global Marketing on brands including Dove and the Unilever Brand. During that time she specialised in global digital strategy. She has won numerous awards for ground breaking digital creative and was a key leader in Unilever's digital transformation. She is now Head of Engagement at what3words where she focuses on customer and consumer journeys.

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How to move from a quirky award winning idea to being used by countries, companies and consumers around the world

This presentation will lead you through the journey that what3words went on from being an idea to a technology used by some of the leading governments and brands around the world. It will include what we learned about developing credibility, convincing businesses and consumers to embrace a new idea and consumer behaviour, who to focus on and how we created a physical presence even though you have a digital product.

Take aways/Lernziele

  • Focus your time on the innovators who appreciate the value of making the world a less frustrating, more efficient and safer place